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Immigration and Visa Law

Deportation and Removaldeportation

If your are not a citizen of the United States, you could be deported from the United States for committing a crime or for violating U.S. immigration laws. If you are deported, you may not be allowed to return to the United States for years, if ever.

However, you cannot be deported by the U.S. immigration service, unless the government meets its burden of proof regarding the charges against you. In addition, if the immigration judge finds against you on the issue or removability, you may still be entitled to relief such as asylum, cancellation of removal, withholding of removal, adjustment of status, waivers of criminal misconduct or voluntary departure.

With all that is at stake in removal proceedings, you need an immigration lawyer who will fight for you. If you have received a Notice to Appear in immigration court, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.